Organic Cotton Futon

The organic cotton used in the futon filling is supplied from the bioRe Foundation which is a Swiss non profit organization committed to the principle of growing the highest quality cotton free from all chemicals and pesticides. Please follow the link to find out more about the work that the bioRe Foundation undertakes and the benefits it brings to the farmers, its customers and also our planet, including our organic futon. We feel very fortunate to be able to offer such a wonderful natural material through the work that they do. The principles that underpin the Foundation are as follows:

1. Organic Farming
Promoting well managed organic farming methods

2. Fairness
Paying a premium and providing dignified conditions for workers

3. Ecology
Eliminating substances that are harmful to the environment

4. Transparency
Commitment to full traceability through the whole manufacturing process and disclosure of business management

5. Innovation
Promoting environmental protection and reduction in CO2 emissions through use of biogas and other means

Photo courtesy of the bioRe Foundation