What’s in our Futon?

100% cotton filled Japanese Futon

  • The history of futon in Japan stretches back centuries and the Japanese company whose products we sell have been making and selling authentic Japanese cotton goods for over 100 years.
  • The craftspeople have a wealth of experience and use time-honoured techniques to create the futon.
  • Each futon is made in the traditional method of building up several layers of cotton to ensure evenness and comfort in the futon.
  • As they are filled with only 100% organic cotton filled they are very gentle on the environment and can be easily recycled or even composted
  • When the cotton filling has been folded into the cotton cover the expert craftspeople then hand stitch the seams and add the threads that go through the futon to secure the cotton in position and prevent the materials from shifting. This ensures that the futon retains its shape and creates a long lasting quality product.
  • All futons are shipped in specially made cardboard boxes within a shipping container making sure that fibres are not compressed and that the futons arrive in the UK in pristine condition