Fire Retardant Policy

The government has legislated that all mattresses should have fire retardant properties. This is clearly a well intentioned policy to minimize the risks of fire in houses and it shows that the government is taking steps to safeguard our health and safety.

However, the legislation regarding what chemicals can be used in many of today’s modern mattresses is scant and there are many known carcinogens found in the vast majority of modern mattresses including formaldehyde, the heavy metal antimony, cyanide, dioxins and tolulene . A quick search on Google will reveal to what extent these chemicals are potentially harmful to our health and also to the health of our planet when they become landfill. There is also a little irony that when there are house fires it is the toxic fumes from these modern manmade materials that are often more dangerous than the fire itself.

In accordance with the laws of the land we import and sell our futon as KAKEBUTON – the Japanese term for a duvet style futon. They are made in the same way as the SHIKIBUTON – the mattress futon, and the consumer has the right to decide how it is used.