Futon FAQs

What is the futon made from?

All of our futon are made with a core of 100% cotton and we are now able to offer a filling of 100% pure certified Organic cotton from the bioRe Foundation. This cotton is made up of many thin layers of cotton batting. This core is wrapped in a cotton cover that forms the outside of the futon.

Can I easily fold and store a futon when it is not being used?

Because the futons are light and flexible they can be easily folded and stored in cupboards. In many Japanese homes they are folded and stored everyday. You can see how the futon are folded in the shop photos.

Do I need covers?

A standard UK mattress cover will work very well but we also sell a variety of  special zipped covers for the futon. These can be used either semi permanently as a protective cover in conjunction with a normal flat bed sheet or as a removable washable undersheet.

How comfortable are the futon?

Many of our customers use futon because they have found them comfortable especially for those suffering from a bad back. The thickness of the futon varies with time, use and airing and some people prefer to leave their futon to compress a little whereas others prefer to air it regularly to keep the more fluffy feel.

How do you look after a futon?

Futon are easy to care for.

Please see our full set of Japanese Futon care instructions:

How thick are the futon?

The thickness of the futon depends quite a bit on how recently it has been aired and warmed. A fresh futon that has been aired in a warm place can be in excess of 15cm thick. A futon that has been well used without airing can reduce to 8cm.

Are there any toxic chemicals or fire retardants used?

In short the answer is no! The filling is 100% organic cotton and the outer cover is also made from organic cotton. Find out more:

Do I need a tatami under the futon?

Traditionally the Japanese usually put their futon on a tatami. Futons can be used directly on a floor. If you prefer a softer feel then you can either add a thinner futon, a mattress topper or a foam mat.

Do you ship internationally?

We have sent these futon as far as the United States and we have had many customers in Europe. If there is no automatic quote on the shipping then please feel free to contact us to get a quote for shipping.